FrauFUTURE was born in Summer 2019. On July 4th we went to a finance event together – we instantly clicked and elaborated on women working life, private life, traveling the world, and living in different countries. How we women have achieved so much in the area of female empowerment and female strength and yet how we always tend to forget to think about our financial free future and carefree retirement.

Yvonne, a born Berliner, lived and worked across the globe for the past 20 years; driving design and coaching change behavior in upper management for international companies. She was completely stunned by all the insights that Verena, who has been working as an insurance and retirement advisor since 2016, shared with her about investments, useful insurances, and all the help people get from the German state when they put money aside for their old age. And when she asked around, nobody of her friends seemed to know all this, either.

So it was also Yvonne, who thought as a coach. She came up with the idea to host workshops and seminars in order to make this information available to a broader audience. And us being big supporters of female empowerment, we decided in an instant that we wanted to concentrate on women. Verena loved the idea of workshopping finances and getting women up and above by sharing valuable information. She had the idea to our name: FrauFUTURE. Growing your very own money tree.

But why stop here? Yve is a coach, after all. So we brainstormed to offer the whole package: Help women in every aspect of her independence. From career to negotiation skills to truly seeing her worth and getting what she deserves! Anything from communication skills to intercultural leadership, purposeful living to financial freedom.

Our services today include coaching, training, workshops. We offer 1:1s, open workshops for everyone, and dedicated workshops and trainings for companies only.

We’d love to be the gardeners for your little money and confidence seed, too!

So let’s talk soon!
Yvonne + Verena






Yvonne Bäldle-Agboton (49)


Business Visionary, Creative Director, Coach & Trainer

20 years of international Experience in Design Management & Strategy, trained ICF Coach.

Speaker & Executive Consultant for Start-ups

Verena Metzler (36)


Business Financial Expert, Coach & Consultant

5 years of Experience as Insurance and Finance Advisor with ERGO Pro.

Children’s Book Author & Writer.