How to Express Yourself Authentically for More Success And a Fulfilled Life

Did you know: “Expression is everything”! But have you ever really expressed yourself? As in what you really think, desire or want? When was the last time you spoke openly?

Maybe you got hurt in the past? Someone put down your dreams, and you stopped communicating? Or you have been told by your family to keep your voice down and that girls are to listen well and work hard to achieve their goals? Whatever it is, it is holding you back from a fulfilles life and the real you. So here’s how you can change that:

1. Don’t Stop Being Expressive

Self-expression is important for your happiness and your inner wellbeing. Stand up for yourself, because when you are courageous you also stand up for others. Ask in a meeting when you present an idea: “What do you think about it?” Ask your friend when she/he meets up with you: “How do you feel?” And not just as a generic question. Yet as in how do you really feel?

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2. Create a Culture and Environment Where Others Feel Safe to Communicate

Try that at work and within your circle of friends. Don’t shut people down. Don’t answer for them. Let people talk, let them express themselves. You do not need to solve their problem.

It’s not easy to speak up and to speak out. Train yourself every day. One step at a time. Express yourself in every way: Gesture, movements, words and tone.

Get outside of your comfort zone. Live outside of the box! The more you practice the better you will get, and the better you will feel. And that’s going to be the authentic you.

3. Give Yourself Permission to Move

Life needs to flow. Not expressing feels like silence within and that’s how a lot of people get depressed and then turn to medication to silence the pain in their chest and gut. Therefore understand your body. Focus mentally. And learn about the space around you. The energy you give and the energy you feel by others. Try yoga or running. Work with your energetic space around you.

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4. Connect With Others and Connect With Yourself

Say hello to the next person you pass. You give energy. See the person. Validate the person. This is how you feed your inner wellbeing and happiness. Build positive relationships. See colleagues or see your team members. Connect with them.

Activate your sensory perception. See how someone feels. Yes, you read it correctly: SEE how someone feels = That’s an advanced connection with someone. And that in return will give you happiness and make you feel content.

5. Joy And Play – They Belong Together

When we play we feel happy. There’s so much scientific research behind that. See life as your playground. Then all those terrifying thoughts go away. For example you have a presentation and you start to think in detail about your speech, then about your slides, the audience, the beamer, the computer, … you name it. You get sweaty hands, you get nervous, and you get scared of all the obstacles and things that could possibly go wrong. All those negative feelings! How about you turn all of that into your playground and think about it as a fun experience. Condition yourself! Make it your playground! Put joy into it.

Make your world your playground! Be a whirlwind of energy. Take accountability. Take ownership. Shift your mindset and shift your habits.


THIS is all about living authentically, with Happiness and with Success on your terms.

The gift of life is to BE alive.


All the best,



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