Female Founders Talk, No. 1: Chineme Ugbor from Linden Global Learning Support

Founding a company was believed to be a male thing for a very long time. Luckily, those times have passed. Now women all over the globe found and run their own companies and do so quite successfully. In our Female Founders Talk we take a look behind the scenes: Who are those women, what do they get out of bed for every day and what obstacles did they overcome?

Our first interview partner is Chineme Ugbor, co-founder of Linden Global Learning Support.

1. Hello Chi! Could you give us a short introduction of you and your company?

My name is Chineme Ugbor. I’m a coach/entrepreneur and cheerleader of people as well as the CoFounder of Linden Global Learning Support (founded in 2015) and of Girls Gearing Up (2015).

2. What is Linden Global Learning Support about? Why did you and your CoFounder Christina Limbird start it?

Well, studies show that approx. 15 % of students have a learning challenge. And we all hear about the importance of inclusion and equity, but schools, esp. international schools around the world, still fall far behind when it comes to providing for their students special learning and mental health needs. That leads to an alarming result: Whereas approximately 15% of school-aged children have a learning difficulty or social emotional challenge, ONLY 1 out of 10 schools say that they have the capacity or resources to support them.

We wanted to change that! So we founded Linden Global Learning Support. Like the name suggests, it is a Learning Support Agency to fill that huge gap.

In 2015 we started with just 3 women, including us founders. Now we’re 40+ people on the team and we keep growing. This shows how much demand is out there and how necessary and frankly long overdue our services are.

Two women smiling at camera

Tina Limbird (l) and Chineme Ugbor (r), founders of Linden Global Education

3. What do you do exactly?

We offer a range of support services for struggling learners and families. Our global team of multidisciplinary experts helps international schools by connecting students and teachers with exactly the educational and mental health support they need wherever they are in the world.

Linden specialists include speech therapists, special needs teachers, behaviour specialists, mental health counselors, school psychologists, occupational therapists, and school consultants.

We are a very international group, meaning we can reach students all over the world and help kids globally to overcome their challenges and make the best of their education.

services chart

Listen, understand, support, repeat – the services of Linden Global Learning Support

4. What do you love most about your daily work?

Ooh, so many things.

First, I would have to say the creativity. As one of the founders I can change and adapt and think outside the box!

Secondly, the team. Each and every one of them is just great – excellent and kind, carrying our biggest values and our spirit. Also, incredibly fun to be around.

Thirdly, our holistic approach. We see the entire child and we do whatever it takes to support them.

5. Did (or do) you have to overcome obstacles?

Learning never ends and starts from the inside. There are so many obstacles as an entrepreneur. You are somehow built to overcome them, but the hardest ones are internal – feeling insecure etc. My biggest learning is that you have got to keep investing in yourself. You’ve got to keep growing as a leader. You can’t take people where you yourself are not willing to go …

6. Where can we learn more about you and Linden Global Learning Support?

You can find us on Instagram @LindenGlobalLearning, on YouTube and of course on our website.

Thank you, Chi, for the insights!

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