FrauFUTURE Finance Academy: Finally understand the world of finance and the German retirement system

Many of our clients were born in Spain, studied in Switzerland and are now working in Germany. Or any other list of countries. But what they all have in common is: They live their life the way they want to. And it just feels bad, if something is holding them back.

Sounds familiar? Then you’re probably unnerved by the fact that you don’t fully get how investing works in Germany. Sure, you know there are banks and you can somehow invest via them. And those investing apps, right … A friend seemed to be a fan. And there’s also Germany‘s state-run pension. But do you know how much you’ll get? How the world of finance works and what to consider? Or how being an expat affects your financial planning?

If this is bothering you, we got your back. Born out of our live webinars, we founded the FrauFUTURE Finance Academy. In it you will find every piece of knowledge you need to finally understand investing – even if you don’t want to live in Germany forever.

In FrauFUTURE Finance Academy, you will learn:

1. What money mindset do I have and do I need to change it?

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A supportive money mindset will help you get out of your own way

In the course of our coachings and consultations we met many clients who were totally aware of the fact that they needed to do something, even panicking about it, but still chickened out every time they came close to hitting the „I agree“ button. Sometimes they just needed to ask a few more questions, but mostly the problem lay deeper. If you grew up in the belief that money is bad, brings out the worst in people, or you’re not important enough to have money, you will subconsciously sabotage yourself when it comes to investing. So we will start right here and support you in changing your mindset, if you need to do so. Because guess what: Money isn’t bad. It’s just a tool – and you decide how you use it.

2. Do I keep track of my finances aka what is budgeting and do I need it?

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Budgeting might sound lifeless, but it’s one of the best tools when it comes to investing

If we asked you right now how high your average monthly spendings were, would you know the answer? In our experience, only about 15 % of women know exactly what they’re spending money on and how much. This is why we do a budgeting fast-course with almost every client – but in this academy you will get the long version. We will show you exactly what budgeting requires, how you can adapt it to your individual level of being a boring and responsible grown-up, and what to consider when choosing a bank. Because knowing how much you can actually invest without spending your last penny makes all the difference.

3. Is it really all just ETFs and cryptos or are there more slices to the cake?

Portrait of a business woman working on laptop

That feeling when you finally fully understand the world of finance 😉

The biggest part of FrauFUTURE Finance Academy is about, well, the world of finance. You will learn how to come up with a dedicated life-plan, how to differentiate between short-term, middle-term and long-term investments, and what is out there in each category (yes, including ETFs and cryptos). You want to buy a house (in Germany or anywhere else), have kids and a decent retirement? Are you more the free-as-a-bird kind and need your money to follow you wherever you go next? Or is it something completely different? Whatever it is, we share our knowledge with you – because the more women know their way around their money, the better.

After FrauFUTURE Finance Academy you will have a deep understanding of the world of finance and the German retirement system – and you will most likely know a lot more than your German friends.

All this will be launched in autumn! More info on our soon-to-come webpage and on our social media channels. If you want to be among the first to know, make sure you sign up to our waiting list!

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