Legal protection insurance: What, when, how

What is a legal protection insurance, when would you need itand what does it cover? We provide the answers.

If you are in a disagreement with someone else, normally you’d think you just talk this out like grown-ups. But the sad truth is: Some people just can’t be reasoned with. Statistics show a law case happens faster than we think. And no, it’s not just people who like to sue everybody left and right finding themselves in court. It just needs a neighbour in a bad mood, an hysteric other person involved in an accident or a scammer, et voila: You need a lawyer.

Fact is: In 2019 German courts administered justice in almost 5 million criminal actions! If we want to include those cases that were only neighbours against neighbours, traffic law or other civil law cases, we have to add another 926.514 cases. And numbers are rising.

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What does a good legal protection insurance cover?

A legal protection insurance will help when you need to fight for your right, whether you’re the active or the passive part. Coverage depends on what you need – other than your private life you can also include traffic, living and job.

Private: Claim for damages, Sales agreement, Internet agreement, Repair agreement, VAT, Pension

Traffic: Claim for damages, Revocation of driving license, Traffic accident, Repairs, Damages for pain and suffering, Monetary fine

Living: Rent deposit, Rent increase, Billing of incidentals, Notice of termination, Action of eviction, Disagreements amongst neighbours

Job: Written warnings, Working hours regulation, Layoff, Relocation, Certificate of employment, Vacation entitlement

In all those cases (and more) a good legal protection insurance pays for the lawyer, the court, consultants, mediation, or a somewhat peaceful agreement outside of court. They also stand by your side from minute one and provide easy and fast information via a lawyer telephone service – even if you just want to learn about your options.

How high are the costs for lawyers, court and co.?

Without a legal protection insurance you would need to pay everything yourself. The costs depend on the sum in dispute. Even if this is as low as 10.000 € and you manage to achieve an agreement outside of court, the costs for your lawyer are ~ 970 €. If you end up in court and lose, it’s at least 5.000 €. If you file an appeal, it sums up to 10.000 €. To be continued.

This is why we at FrauFUTURE all have legal protection insurance. You’d just not want to have to roll over just because you fear the costs of fighting for your right.

Prices for a single start as low as 10,76 € per month. Check out what you need on our insurance page* or contact us for a dedicated 1:1!

Stay safe and strong out there!
Your Team FrauFUTURE

*If you feel a legal protection insurance is a good idea for you, we’d be super happy if you use the link we provided. This way we will get a commission from the insurance company.

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