Are You Prepared for a Second Wave? How to Use the Certainty of Uncertainty to Boost Your Life & Career

Covid-19 has put weight on all of us. No matter what we do these days – read a paper, run errands or just look outside – the changes are evident. And yes, the last few weeks have restored some normality, but it is thin. Infection numbers are rising again and scientists and politicians alike don’t get tired to warn us: a second wave is not just a bedtime story gone slightly off track. It is a very possible scenario.

In fact, it is one out of three. Until we finally find a vaccine, there are three possible ways what our imminent future will look like:

  1. This right here is the new normal. So we will be wearing masks everywhere, keep on checking the newest infection numbers and always put our personal protection first.
  2. The disease will leave eventually, but in smooth waves. Meaning there will be outbreaks here and there and this will go on for months, until the outbreaks are so minor that they’re no real danger anymore.
  3. There will be a second wave. A big one.

Are You Prepared for Our World to Crush Yet Again?

But regardless which scenario will be the one we experience, they all suck. Why? Because we can’t go back to our old normal. So we don’t have a choice but to accept the fact that Covid-19 will be a part of our lives for months to come. But unfortunately, our resistibility is already down to a minimum. Many companies are close to a financial breakdown and won’t survive any more restrictions. Relationships left and right were affected by Covid-19. And people seem to be on the edge of their personal stress resistance all together, making it more difficult to keep it together.

In short: Covid-19 is the stress test for the whole humankind. And there is no end in sight.

Wooden frame with black sign saying world 1 corona 0

A positive attitude helps 😉 | Photo by Aljoscha Laschgari on Unsplash

The World Won’t Stop Changing – So Let‘s Take Advantage of It!

Despite all these negative effects, it is actually possible to see something positive in all of this. Let’s just take the digital revolution as an example: It had led a miserable shadowy existence in Germany for years. Everybody talked about it, but no company really felt the urge to actually go through with it. Business was okay without it, too, so why the hassle? But all of a sudden, we actually had to do it. And look at that: It worked! Sure, not everything is better now than before, but due to home office, online meetings instead of work trips and by that a massive reduction of the greenhouse gases we catapulted us into a working world with a better work life balance and less carbon footprint within just a few months.

This does not mean, however, that these changes were easy or stress free. At FrauFUTURE we had to move from two-hour on-site seminars with networking and a site buffet to one-hour webinars in two weeks. We had to find a platform that satisfied our needs, alter our presentation completely (this alone took three whole days) and get used to all those extra buttons and to dos when hosting a webinar. Always knowing that the world outside was changing at rapid speed and next to all the other challenges Covid-19 had in store for us. But we did it and that was good, because it gave us the opportunity to grow – an opportunity that we wouldn’t have seeked before 2021, if everything had gone to plan.

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Change means opportunity to grow – let’s take advantage of that! | Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

It Is About Time for Personal Growth

So yes, Covid-19 gave companies and start-ups like us a hard time (and still does), but it also encouraged us to grow. So why should we deny ourselves this positive side-effect in our private lives? The working world had been changing for years before Covid-19 anyways, but so slowly that we could still pretend it didn’t happen. But these comfortable times are over. If we stay in our comfort zone now and don’t listen to the wind of change, we will be left behind. Like, seriously. And this would even be worse considering that we all have those areas in our lives we would love to change, but never really, really had to. But now we do.

Need for change + personal wish to change = time to change. Now.

Clients of ours seem to have thought along those lines, too, because in the last few months we’ve been receiving mails with requests for advice in multiple areas. This has been yet another push in the right direction for us and a good reason to sit down and come up with new coachings, consultations and workshops. And, you might have guessed it, we grew with that. Yet again.

If you want to use the wind of change to finally set sail, too, it doesn’t really matter what you start with. You could boost your career, try another path in life or finally create a budget that actually works – you name it. Maybe you want to learn a new language, improve one you already kind of speak or fulfill your childhood dream and take singing lessons. Even if you can’t quite say what you want to change, but just have this feeling that you do, it will pay to dig deeper. Because whatever you start with, it will elevate your personal development and by that open the door to opportunities in your private and professional life you have never even dreamed of.

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The world is full of adventures, if we follow it’s suggestions | Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

Looking forward to this journey!




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