Our Experts

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Yvonne Bäldle-Agboton (47)

Co-Founder & Head Coach

Yve is our Business Visionary and Creative Director. She doesn’t think big, she thinks huge – her average rate is at least three major business ideas per week. She is also a trained ICF Coach and our Head Coach & Trainer with more certificates and testimonials than we have walls.

Yve was born in Berlin in the 70s and raised in Thailand, Burma, and Berlin. During her fashion design studies in the 90s she worked as an Aerobic Instructor & Choreographer, which led her to a career in the world of Sportswear. She played on the field for H&M, Nike, Adidas, Decathlon, Sportmaster, and Li Ning to name a few, created some pretty cool stuff and turned organizations upside down with her out of the box team and project vision management. At times it even seemed she walked an unknown path for some organizations.

The past 20 years led her to work in different countries such as Sweden, Germany, Austria, Hong Kong, Netherlands, France, Brazil, China, and Russia. So yes: She obviously loves living global and exploring our cultural differences & consumer behaviors.

Yve also enjoys pushing the status quo of women leadership in male environments. She is known for speaking up and speaking her mind, and has encountered both people and organizations that truly wanted change and took the necessary steps to succeed, as well as the ones that spoke much about it and failed to act.

Staying authentic and true to herself got her to where she is now. At age 47 she shows her five-year-old daughter as a single mom that everything is possible, if you only believe in yourself. To let no one ever tell you you can’t do it and doubt yourself. To always live by your values and aspirations. That might have led her daughter to senserely believe she will ride a unicorn one day, but we think at this age we can still count this as a plus.

Anyways: Creating FrauFUTURE is a dream come true to Yve. Here she can give back to our female community and all of us who feel female. Passing on her learnings out of experience on how to overcome gender gaps and taking pride in being female. To stand up for equality, live your dreams and to succeed in life while living authentically and mindfully.

She is looking forward to meeting you soon and to help you set your very own path for your future goals and successes!

In this sense, “Ahimsa” (nonviolence – every being on earth is equal) and “Namaste” (I acknowledge you for who you are within).

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Verena Metzler (35)

Co-Founder & Financial Expert

Verena is the Financial Expert in the team. Which is weird, because she never really liked math at school. But once a grown-up, she discovered that dealing with figures and numbers is actually quite fascinating, when there is a good reason behind that.

This discovery has led to her working as a Coach & Consultant in financial matters for 4 years now. As Insurance and Finance Advisor with ERGO Pro and FrauFUTURE she has helped uncounted clients to build up a healthy budget, create a personal financial strategy and find ways to see it through.

Before this, and we quote, “second professional life” she had led her own online shop in the field of DIY jewelry. Not the creative kind though (she had tried that on for size), but the buying the pearls, hooks and chains in Asia and selling them in Germany kind. And since she had never done anything like that before, she had to teach herself new stuff every day: Customs regulations, data protection, how to calculate prizes, compelling product photos and descriptions, customer support, packaging and recycling, taxes, book keeping and having employees (okay: one) – if asked, she can (and will) tell you a lot about this!

At the same time, Verena has worked as a freelance copywriter and proofreader in German. And this is actually what she majored in, but alas – life is what happens when you make plans, right? She still knows how to write, though: Her first children’s book will (hopefully) see the light of bookstores in spring 2021.

In her private life Verena loves backpacking and team sports like soccer and beach volleyball. In her eyes there is no better evening than one of those long ones in summer, when you’ve played with your friends until the light faded completely and afterwards have a drink together in some beer garden. As to backpacking, we can proudly announce that Verena has now officially been in 40 different countries (yep, she still has her old passports), including the ones she explored during her 10-month world-trip in 2010. This trip and her ongoing travels have shown her that 1. There are great and lovely people everywhere, 2. Tropical heat is not her weather of choice (one of her most beloved memories is the slight rainfall in 18 degree weather in Australia after months spent in rather tropical areas) and 3. You can achieve and are capable of so much more than you ever imagined.

But let’s go back to her professional life again real quick: Verena will show you how to use this math-thing to make your money work for your goals and dreams in life instead of the other way round. Because being able to do that is not attached to sex. Not at all.

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Gitanjali More (30-something)

Coach & Trainer

Gitanjali comes with over 10 years of experience in project management, training and mentoring. She has lived and worked in different cultural settings in India and Germany ranging from an NGO in a remote village in the Himalayas all the way to a political foundation in Berlin.

Her diverse working life has made her increasingly think about intercultural communication, mindsets and questioning norms. After overcoming several challenges along the way she has become a proficient communicator and negotiator. She puts all her diverse learnings into creating fun and participative workshops to master life skills. Her hands on approach has helped several young professionals tell their story confidently and fearlessly.

Gitanjali loves to geek out over feminism and gender, international politics and all kinds of activism. When she isn’t doing all of this, she loves spending her free time hiking, playing the harmonica (very badly!) and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.

There’s even more – find Gitanjali on LinkedIn.

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John Maidment (50-something)

Teacher Business English

John is a well-travelled British guy with 6 years of professional experience in teaching English (ESL, EFL, ESP, general and business English).

He has extensive experience delivering general/business English lessons and workshops at all levels (elementary to advanced) in a huge variety of business areas. To name only a few (no kidding): Banking and finance, retail, legal, sales and marketing, HR, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing logistics and hospitality at all levels of an organisation, from Customer Service Teams to Senior Leadership and Execs.

Prior to teaching he was an accomplished business professional for 25 years, with comprehensive knowledge in business change/IT project management, project and portfolio management and team leadership. So yes, he is able to use his practical business experience to give a more authentic context for your learning.

But it’s not all about the job! So if you want to meet John in private, just go to “Nonne & Zwerg” in Berlin. This is the restaurant of his partner and a superb place for a chatty business lunch with just a bit too much red wine.

Yes, John is on LinkedIn, too!

We’ll publish his English course soon.