Onboarding in Germany


You’ve recently come to Germany and discovered that, although you might not even be from a place very far away, everything is just a tiny bit different. You got a funny look when you asked for tap water in a restaurant, had sweet popcorn at the movies or simply crossed a red light while a kid was present and got a hard time from everyone present? Yep, Germany’s different and so is its world of insurance. So, in this workshop, we’ll explain what insurances you might need and why, the difference between public and private health insurance and what part is actually already covered by your employer.

If you feel you need more onboarding help for something other than insurance, book a coaching session with us!

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  • TypeWorkshop (on-site in Berlin or webinar)
  • Group size5 to 25
  • LanguageEnglish or German
  • Duration2 to 2.5 hours
  • Cost5 € to 35 €