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1:1 Sessions for your Employees

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By providing information & support tailored to your employees needs, our experts put out fires before they even start

Often, we don’t want to discuss personal topics in a group. Especially when it’s a work-place setting, we fear what our colleagues and bosses might think of us once we’ve shown we’re only human. But the issues don’t vanish, if we don’t address them. Quite the contrary, actually.

This is why we offer personal 1:1 sessions, in which your employees can address any career or finance related issue they might have in the comfort of a private setting. This gives your team member the peace of mind that comes with an issue finally taken care of, and you a newly-born employee full of confidence and motivation to take your company to the next level.

tailored to employee
consultations & coachings

What are our 1:1 sessions for employees about?

You decide how many sessions you book, who will benefit, and what shall be adressed (career or finance), but your employee chooses the specific issue.

Everything your employees tell us is aboslutely confidential, but you will get a performance report.

We will deliver a plan prior to the start as to how many sessions will probably be neccessary per indicated topic, so you can control your investment.

If in doubt what your employees will benefit from most, we will provide you with our experience or create a poll.

1:1 Sessions for Employees

any amount of sessions possible
experienced experts
English or German
Online or in-person (Berlin/Brandenburg area)
specific & personal support

Your experts

Hello! We’re Yvonne Bäldle-Agboton and Verena Metzler, the founders of FrauFUTURE. We believe that true independence needs financial independence. This is why we focus on career and finance advice – after all you need to make good money, before you can invest it.

Yvonne is a certified career coach and has worked in the upper floors of international companies for 20 years. Verena is a licenced insurance advisor with a big focus on investments and 7 years of experience in the field. As experts we’re passionate about showing others how much potential lies in figuring out your true calling and having a smart financial strategy. We’d be happy to show your employees, too!

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What our clients say about this

As founders we’re responsible for the growth and the professional development of our team. And I think it’s really important to not just focus on training people on the skills that they need to get their job done, but taking a holistic approach.

Chineme U., Co-founder

I used both the financial advice and a coaching session and I’m extremely happy with ther service and support. You can see that they are engaged professionals that really care for you, and I got now a plan and a solution that makes me feel more confident about my and my family’s future. Totally recommendable!!

Silvia B.G., procurement manager

I had the chance to do the coaching with Yvonne and the financial consultations with Verena. They were both very available for me and guide me properly to grow in my career and financially.

Maude O., sales manager

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