FrauFUTURE Mentoring

Are you looking for targeted mentoring for your professional success without mumbo jumbo or blah blah blah? Then FrauFUTURE Mentoring is the right place for you!

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Career advice and navigation

Helpful workbooks

Our Agenda

Step 1: Comprehensive questionnaire

We want nothing more than to get you exactly where you want to be. For this, we choose our experts with care and dedicate ourselves to the selection of your mentor with even greater care. The basis of selection is our comprehensive questionnaire, which gives us a clear picture of you, your challenge and your personality.

Step 2: Choose your own mentor

Would you prefer to choose your mentor yourself? That’s no problem either. We respect your decision-making ability and are one of the few providers to allow direct matching. Just tell us the top three experts you want and we cross check their availability Option to reconsider included during the 1st meeting.

Step 3: Start your 12 month mentoring

During the 12 months of your mentoring, you and your mentor will have 12 intensive discussions about your professional challenges. You are always the one who sets the topics. Regardless of whether it is about a professional career change in your existing company or a new found career interest, return to work after maternity leave, the first job, a career jump or path to self-employment, your mentor supports you with his/her expertise and experience and sometimes finds more creative solutions to help you reach your goal.

Step 4: Quarterly workbook

During the 12 months of mentoring you will receive a digital workbook each quarter to support you professionally with valuable advice from our experts in your journey to success. These books include learning topics, self-work and journaling.

Our Mentors

Our mentors all speak both German and English and come from a wide variety of industries.

In the course of their professional lives our mentors have all proven that they are seasoned experts in their field of expertise: spearheading and leading large and small projects, climbing the career ladder and conquering challenges over many years in their professional field. They, themselves have been through professional ups and downs and have the insight and knowledge on how to achieve a striving career nevertheless.

Our Mentees

In principle, every person is welcome to join us regardless of (professional) status, age, nationality or gender. However, we only offer our mentoring for professional related growth.

You can speak to our experts in German and English, so that expats who want to gain a foothold in Germany can benefit from their expertise. Some of our Mentors have foreign professional experience through working abroad themselves and can therefore provide valuable support beyond the German market.

Scope of our services

As a mentee, you benefit from a wide range of services.

12 mentoring sessions spread over 1 year

4 free workbooks (one per quarter)

Unlimited access to our exclusive Facebook group

Part of a growing network of strong women (See “Who are our mentees?”)

If necessary, access to your mentor’s personal network

Free participation in our webinars and workshops on a wide variety of topics during your mentee year (access via Facebook group)

FrauFUTURE Mentoring Prices

Our prices include the remuneration of our experts, the costs for our marketing and the expenses for our workbooks and are fully deductible as training costs (for tax purposes).

Students, Trainees, Hartz IV

415 +VAT year OR 36 +VAT per month

Gross income up to 2,500 €/month

625 +VAT year OR 55 +VAT per month

Gross income ≥ 2.500 €/month

835 year OR 73 +VAT per month


What is mentoring and what is it not?

In mentoring, an inexperienced person (mentee) talks to a more experienced person (mentor) and receives tips and suggestions on professional challenges, goals and questions. Ultimately, a mentor is something like Helmut Kohl was for Angela Merkel, or Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) in “A Star is Born” for Ally Campana (Lady Gaga).

Mentoring is the sharing of extensive business experience and knowledge. It contains specific tips and suggestions and is a “say as they do” approach and therefore the opposite of coaching. With mentoring, the mentee is responsible for driving the sessions whereas a coach is more likely to drive the sessions.

Coaching focuses on training and upskilling to help the coachee develop a winning mindset. A coach can help increase your self-awareness: identifying areas for improvement and challenging assumptions that may be preventing you achieving your goals.

How do we match?

You fill out our comprehensive questionnaire and we get to know you and your needs. If anything is unclear a team member will contact you by phone. Once we have successfully formed an image of you, your personality and your professional challenge, we select the person from all our experts who, in our opinion, suits you best. It is not about the age or education of the mentor, but about the character traits and professional experience. In our questionnaire you have the opportunity to choose your top 3 Mentors which we will take into consideration.

How does a mentoring session work?

You provide the framework for each mentoring session. We suggest discussing up to three challenges. These can be general questions or very specific ones. The next 60 minutes are all yours.

Our tip: the more specific your challenge, the more you will get out of the session, especially if you inform your mentor about your topic a few days before your session. You can email them to us:

Are the mentoring sessions offline or online?

Currently all mentoring sessions are held online due to the current health regulations.

Do your experts receive financial compensation?

Yes. Unlike some other providers on the market, we remunerate our experts. Payment is by the hour.

Can I get my money back if I want to cancel in the middle of a mentoring package?

Currently we cannot offer a refund. The reason is that we pay our experts in advance for the entire package when a booking is paid. However, we can make it possible for you to pause your mentoring for six months (and thus also the payment of your contributions, if you have chosen to pay by instalments).