Access Consciousness®

– Physical treatment –

Change the way you look at life for the better

Imagine someone gently touching certain points on your head and the voice telling you that you are not good enough or cannot achieve what you dream of stops. Your thoughts calm down, a feeling of well-being flows through your body and you gain access to your highest potential.

The 32 Access Bars points on your head help you to positively change your mental + physical problems in a beneficial way by gently touching the 32 points on your head with my hands. Harmonization takes place via the excitation or discharge of these 32 head points. For some, a bar session changes their world, for others it feels like a relaxing massage.

The Bars® help with physical problems and have a proven positive effect on depression and anxiety. During the treatment, brain waves slow down. In this state of deepest relaxation, a lot of change takes place on the mental and physical level. Mental patterns can dissolve, and self-healing powers are activated.

What contribution to your life and your future can these 32 points be for you?

slow down brain waves
activate self-healing
dissolve mental patterns
enjoy deep relaxation

What is this consultation about?

Access Bars can help you gain a more positive mindset towards yourself and certain challenges in your life

You may have more creativity and lead better relationships as the treatment allows you to tear down walls of self-limitation

Get back in touch with your body and learn to trust it again

Better sleep and less physical pain are also among the most frequent effects of a Bars treatment

Access Consciousness®

85 – 110 +VAT

60 or 90 mins session (85 € or 110 € plus VAT)
full relaxation
calm down your thoughts
dissolve mental patterns
activate your self-healing powers

Your expert

My mom has healing hands – you can feel the warmth when she practices Reiki or gives a shoulder and head massage. And I was always a huger and I often, in the spur of the moment, place my hand on one’s arm, shoulder, or back for comfort or positive energy exchange.

With AccessBars I strategically place my hands on one meridian points on the head and stimulate positive change in the brain.

I practice it regularly with my 7-year-old daughter. And if you know kids in that age you know how full of energy, rebellion, and challenge they can be. Within 2 weeks my daughter has calmed down tremendously. She has gained self-confidence and tries to solve problems with positive words instead of shouting and kicking. Of course, she still has her moments, yet they decreased by like 50% – no joke!

With me, the change was emotionally draining at first. Old negative feelings from my past came up and flushed out like a toilette 🙂 But after a few weeks I emerged way more balanced and calm. I gained perspective and am way more grounded than before running Bars.

So if you just want to relax and calm your mind and have a fresh go at things or if you seek change in your mindset, I’m happy to meet you soon and run Access Bars on you, too.

Turn your life and career around!

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