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Want to do the math yourself? Go ahead, we collected a few helpful online calculators just for you.

“How old am I gonna get?” Calculate your life expectancy

How it works
1. At “Mein Alter heute” say how old you are right now
2. At “Ich schätze, ich werde so alt” estimate how old you’re going to get
3. Check how accurate your assumption was

“How much will Germany pay me?” Calculate your statutory pension

How it works
1. At “Jährliches Bruttoeinkommen” say how much you earn BEFORE tax per year. If this changes a lot, type in the average.
2. At “Beitragsjahre (ab dem 20. Lebensjahr)” say how many years you have already paid in and probably will keep on doing so
3. At “Voraussichtlicher Rentenbeginn” leave it at 67
4. Click on “Rente berechnen” and look at the first number (NOT the green one)

“Am I going to have enough income in old age?” Calculate your pension gap

How it works
1. Follow the instructions we listed under “Calculate your statutory pension”
2. Additionally, at “Gewünschtes monatl. Einkommen im Rentenalter” say how much monthly income you would like to have in total when old
3. At “Einkünfte aus Vermögen” say if you’re going to get any additional money from investments (per month)
4. At “Mieteinnahmen” say how much (if any) income as a landlady you’re going to have (per month)
5. At “Sonstige Einkünfte” state any other income you will have per month when old
6. Click on “Rente berechnen” and look at the fourth number (either green or red)

“How much can I expect from my funds investment?” Calculate your possible profit

How it works
1. At “Fondseinzahlung einmalig” say if you invested one bigger amount
2. At “Fondssparplan monatlich” say if you’re investing a specific amount per month
3. At “Anlagezeitraum” say for how long you invest the money
4. At “Kalkulierter Kursgewinn (Rendite) für den Fonds” say how much annual profit your fund(s) usually provide
5. The next four fields are about the costs. “Ausgabeaufschlag” = fee in % per time you buy | “Mindestentgelt je Depot” = min. fee per year for your depot | “Depotentgelt pro Jahr je Posten” = annual fee per asset you trade, e. g. per fund | “Depotentgelt pro Jahr per Anlagebetrag” = annual fee per traded amount
6. At “Soll die Abgeltungssteuer abgezogen werden” say yes (and add your church tax at “Kirchensteuer”, if you pay that)
7. Click on “berechnen” and look at the last last number. That’s your net profit, so already after capital gains tax.

“What would I get out of an insurance pension plan?” Calculate your future wealth

Admittedly, most insurance companies don’t like to make their algorithms public. But we found a work-around to give you an idea, at least:
1. Do 1 to 3 as in the “Funds Investment Profit” calculation. Pension age in Germany is 67 btw.
2. At “Kalkulierter Kursgewinn (Rendite) für den Fonds” say how much annual profit your fund(s) will provide AFTER actual cost (= Effektivkosten; by how much the costs the insurance company will charge you lower your profit). You don’t know? Based on experience it’s usually anything between 1 and 2ish %. So if your funds perform at 9 %, but the actual cost is 1.2 %, type in 7.8 %.
3. Leave all other fields free! (either “0” or “nein”)
4. Click on “berechnen” and look at the last last number. That’s your total amount after costs. This will be used by the insurance company to pay you a life-long pension. (If you want to know the monthly pension, divide this amount by anything between 25 and 30 years and then again by 12. Most insurance companies assume we live until our late 90s.)

Please note: All calculators are online calculators. We do not take responsibility for the accuracy of the calculations.

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