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Mentoring Program for Employees

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Our knowledgable mentors share their insights to guide the way

Sometimes all we need is a good friend who listens to our daily challenges and gives tips on how to best proceed on our chosen path. But more often than not our friends work in a completely different industry and simply have no clue.

This is where our mentoring programs for employees kick in. Based on monthly meetings over a period of twelve months our skilled mentors gain insights into the problem at hand, share their knowledge, and support your employees on every step of the way. Most of our mentees have emerged from the program as completely new people – and were super excited about that.


What is our mentoring program for employees about?

In 12 intense meetings your employees will address the challenge and benefit from the insights and feedback of their mentor

Mentors don’t only share their knowledge, but also their network. They will call the right persons and open doors.

Meetings can be in a café, at work, or in our office. Of course digital meetings are also possible.

Every quarter your employee will receive a digital workbook from their mentor including learning topics, self-work and journaling.

Mentoring Program for Employees

12 meetings in 12 months
expert mentors
English or German
Online or in-person (Berlin/Brandenburg area)
Quarterly workbooks

Our mentors

Our mentors come from a wide variety of industries and have all reached a certain level of success. They all speak both English and German and are looking forward to sharing their knowledge with your employees!

What our clients say about this

Yvonne is a very professional and competent transformational coach. She asks critical questions that make you evaluate your thought process, and she makes suggestions on how to proceed forward with a better connection to what you want and how to achieve it.

Karen P., marketing manager

With Yvonne’s guidance and expertise I was able to develop my assertiveness and communication skill as well as got a clearer idea of what I have to offer and how to position myself. Her kindness, generosity and empowering nature are very valuable.

Marie-Laure D., multilingual operations specialist

I cannot speak highly enough of the combination of assessments that were provided. Together they delivered amazing insights into me as a person, my goals and aspirations, and how to tackle my career best going forward.

Charlotte Z., brand strategy & partnerships consultant

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