Song Writer // Music Producer // Painter // Lecturer

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

20 years of creative writing and stage experience,

a degree in audio engineering, many years of working at Universal Music,

founder of various alter egos,

lecturer in music production,

and well-experienced in how to deal with the mental challenges throughout an artistic project from the first spark of an idea to the final release or stage performance.

“My name is Anita Kondrjakow and I help people to discover their artistic vision, find a healthy way to work hand in hand with their creativity and build the right team to share their vision with an audience.”

Throughout my career I was lucky to work with a lot of inspiring creators, was coached and guided by amazing people in the media industry and faced the dizzy highs, as well as the rock bottom lows. I had the chance to realize countless of my ideas and visions, sometimes alone, sometimes in a team and developed a lot of psychological tools to deal with the mental challenges that come with turning a fragile vision into something audible or visible.

I love to share my experience with striving artists, who have the ambition and passion to create something authentic and new and who are willing to commit to their artistic vision. After over a decade in the Berlin music industry I developed a good sense for the business type of music and can give insights into the different steps of developing an artist’s career. Through collaborations and friendships with film makers, book authors and painters I gained a lot of overreaching insights into other creative businesses as well.

Must reads for every artist: “The Artist’s Way”, “Big Magic”, “The War of Art”.

Anita’s Areas of Emphasis

Songwriting & creative writing
Music production (Logic, Ableton, Garage Band)
How to DJ with Traktor Pro
Finding your artistic persona
Finding your authentic voice
Mental health in the music industry
How to deal with writer's blockade
Conceptual planning of stage performances
Writing proposals (KSK, Musicboard, Initiative Musik)
An artist's money mindset
Social media strategies as an artist