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Learn who you really are & how to pursue your dream career

Do you want to be clearly aware of your strengths and weaknesses? With the Reliable Competency Revealer coaching you get a complete insight into who you are as an expert and specialist. Why would companies hire you and what makes you outstanding to your competition? You will be surprised by what you find out about yourself and finally have the tools to claim your spotlight.





Your expert

Hello! I am Yve, the Business Visionary, Creative Director and most of all Head Coach of FrauFUTURE (ICF trained!). During my corporate life I’ve played on the field for H&M, Nike, Adidas, Decathlon, Sportmaster, and Li Ning to name a few, created some pretty cool stuff and turned organizations upside down with my out of the box team and project vision management.

So when Verena and I founded FrauFUTURE, I just knew I had to offer a dedicated career coaching for women. Since then women of all ages and origins, women with smaller and bigger dreams, women with debts or without, women in life crisis and those on top of their career have come to our office. What they all have in common: the desire to finally start to take their financial future in their own hands.

Finally jump onto your dream career!

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