Financial Advisor // Writer // Founder // Co-Founder

“Own your decisions. The rest will come.”

10 years in writing/proofreading,

5 years own online shop,

financial advisor since 2016.

I prefer my life like my travels: full of variety and adventures.

“My name is Verena Metzler and I help people to find their very own way within any system.”

After my Masters in German studies and a 10-month world trip I started my working life as a freelanced writer and proofreader, had my own successful online shop for 5 years and then switched to the world of finances.

As Co-Founder and head financial advisor of FrauFUTURE I find good use for all my previous experiences – and there’s plenty of room for more!

I want to help people break free of any box they might find themselves put into. It is never too late to make a change!

Verena’s Areas of Emphasis

Planning & time management
Team building & leadership
Authentic working & living
Career change
German language