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Learn how to save up smartly and create your very own financial masterplan

Do you know that feeling, when everybody talks about ETFs and you google underneath the table what that means? Retirement is a word that makes you panic. And when your friends talk about buying a house this year, you wonder when on earth they grew up and got their finances in order.

You do have dreams yourself, but how can you make them come true? In this consultation, we will dive into planning, investor’s knowledge and necessary adjustments. Afterwards you will have your very own financial masterplan and sparkling eyes when you think about your future.

What is this consultation about?

We will take a look at where you are right now including income, savings, investments, and other assets – or we help you start from scratch

We will figure out where you want to go and consider all your dreams, goals, and wishes

We will show you how to understand the money world and on which path you are right now

We will create your personal finance strategy to make your dreams a reality

Financially Free Me

449 +VAT

3 sessions (60 to 90 mins each)
detailed analysis of your dreams, goals, and wishes
introduction to the different investment options out there
Personal finance strategy
personal support when setting up your investments plus aftercare

This course and the course Carefree Retirement are very similar. In a free 30 mins consultation we will figure out which option is the better fit for you.

Your expert

Hello! My name is Verena Metzler, 37 years old. I am a Business Financial Expert and Consultant. For the last 7 years, I have been working as an Insurance and Finance Advisor with ERGO, one of Germany’s largest and most trusted Insurance Companies. Helping women to become financially independent and build the future they wish for, is my deepest passion.

This is why, together with Yvonne Bäldle-Agboton, we founded FrauFUTURE. Women of all ages and origins, women with smaller and bigger dreams, women with debts or without, women in life crisis and those on top of their career have come to our office. What they all have in common: the desire to finally start to take their financial future in their own hands.

Create the future you always wanted!

What our clients say about this

I wanted to do more with my money than just have it lying on my bank account. Verena explained everything and was super patient!

Becca M., Student

Very informative and detailed information on the different options and the German system itself.

Iwona H., Mother

I learned that numbers can be fun! Thank you so much for the down-to-earth and competent consultation!

Lara G., Social Media Expert & Campaigner

 FrauFUTURE wurde mir von einer Bekannten empfohlen und ich habe mich daraufhin bei Verena gemeldet. Der Kontakt war von Anfang an sehr herzlich und offen. Verena hat sich Zeit genommen, meine derzeitige finanzielle Situation zu verstehen, und hat daraufhin ein Konzept erarbeitet, das perfekt zu mir und meinen Wünschen passt. Sie hat sehr gewissenhaft, aufmerksam und planvoll gearbeitet. Ich konnte jederzeit Fragen stellen, um Sachverhalte besser zu verstehen. So konnte ich Chancen und Risiken gut abwägen und für mich gute Entscheidungen für meine finanzielle Zukunft treffen. Ich würde FrauFUTURE/Verena jederzeit weiterempfehlen!

Juilia S., HR Director

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